I’m a crafty twenty-something Belgian blanket-and-sofa lover who tutors kids at a boarding school.
I like coffee, I like stirring it to look at the moving clouds of milk. I like reading stories. I like curling up in bed, making a cave out of the blankets. I like creating things. I like the colour red. I like watching things.
I like languages and writing in English. I like learning. I like teaching. I like my job.

About a year ago I decided to change my life for the better and started growing towards the person I wanted to be. Essentially that meant focussing on things that made me happy: bright colours, baking, working out, being at home, being with the ones I love, cats, hamsters, Disney, laughing, knitting, crocheting and overall craftiness.

In the past I only used a blog to get bad and frustrating things out of my system. I started up some 4 blogs, only to abandon them to start over fresh. Consequently, I associated writing only with negative feelings.
This blog wil feature only things which make me happy, hence the title. I’m done with the negativity.

To infinity and beyarned!


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