(that’s French for ‘let’s go!’)

Here it is, my second tattoo. It’s almost finished healing up. I’ve had an allergic reaction to the vaseline I had to use to treat the tattoo. Strange, because I didn’t have any problems with my first ink. Because of this, I guess I’ll have to have some touch-ups, but I’m ok with that.

Some of you will recognize this as a quote from the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) in the BBC show ‘Doctor Who’. Yes, I’m a big fan of the show, but that wasn’t the main reason I got it.

I got it because of the meaning it held. Because this small mantra has been getting me through rough spots. I have been reciting it all my life, even if I didn’t know the correct words.
When I first heard David Tennant say “allons-y”, it resounded in my head. I thought: ‘there’s a way to describe what I have been telling myself all my life. Let’s go. Wow.”

Ten is a troubled guy. He knows such enormous grief and takes on the weight of all of the worlds. Still, he remains a happy-go-lucky guy and when presented with an obstacle or a problem, however great or insurmountable it may appear, he’s always the optimist, shouting “Allons-y” in a horrible accent, to pep himself and others, right before he starts running from (or towards) danger, always solving the problem in the end.
French is my second language (Dutch is my mother tongue). While it isn’t my favourite language by far, it’s a part of my life and my identity I can’t deny.

I chose the book-font because of another Who-quote: “We’re all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?” (god, this series has so many good quotes!).
I’ve always loved books and stories. I could lose myself in a good story. This quote, however, has nothing to do with losing yourself, it’s about creating yourself. Because in the end, you’re nothing but a story. You’re the one to write it, so better make it one worth reading.
Do I want my story to be a sad or angry one, filled with bitterness? Or do I want it to be a happy one, full of colors, crazy memories and love? In the end, every breath you take is another letter written, it can’t be erased, it’s gone forever. I need to be reminded of that every once in a while. I tend to be taken over by grief, let it toy with me. I let people get too close, but I have difficulties dealing with hurt. Not too good a combination.
But sometimes you have to let a companion go and learn to live with that. Don’t let it close your heart.

Which takes me to the placement. I chose the lighter colour and the placement on my wrist because I will want cover it up with make-up and/or my watch every once in a while (seeing as how I work with kids). I always wear my watch like this. I find it easier to read without bringing too much attention to the fact that I’m checking the time. It doesn’t distract the students from what they’re doing. It also reminds me of the fact that ‘for every minute I’m angry, I lose 60 seconds of happiness”.

I love my tattoo. Every time I look at it, it brings up so many good feelings. I feel like I’ve finally found the words that make me come to grips with things. “Allons-y”. Let’s go. Let’s get through this and see what lies on the other side. You can do this. Write your story and make it a good one.


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