This week was a good week for me. I felt energetic, I enjoyed work, I finished off some projects and started up some new ones!

1) This was the last week of the two-week internship of our fourth year students. Next week they’ll be back, so I’ll have to sleep at work on Tuesdays. It felt so good sleeping at home these past few weeks. I’m going to miss it. But hey, work is work, and I get to sleep at home every night, except Tuesdays.

2) I finished the hats! Thank god! I went to a hobby salon on Saturday and scored some new project material. More on that later.

3) I finally got my motivational tattoo on Thursday. I’m doing a blogpost on that soon.

4) I found out that in stead of working during the Easter holidays, I get four days + the weekends off! You can’t believe how excited I am about this. Here I was, thinking I’d have no more vacation days until the third week of July, and then I find out I’ll have eight days in a month’s time!
Plus, I get to stay home on my birthday. Or rather: not stay home on my birthday. We’ve just booked a three-day vacation to London! It’s been ages since I’ve been in England and I can’t remember the last time I’ve had the chance to have an English conversation to anyone who isn’t a 14-year-old and didn’t involve teaching someone how to conjugate the verb ‘to be’, or ‘telling the time’, or studying simple vocabulary.

Travel advice is welcome!


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