I kept putting this off, but I finally finished the last hat.
Next week, there’s a party for the kids at work. We’re all supposed to dress up as animals. I have to be a frog, one of my collegues a fish. I made us a hat. ^^ It was really fun to do, but after a while, I got sick of seeing hats. I only finished the fish one yesterday and I’m very happy about how they turned out. I just used a basic beanie pattern using double crochets (verrrry fast and easy beanie pattern, I might add :-D) and then added the eyes and fins and stuff.


Pablo, the fish hat


Sir Froggalot. He turned out a bit too big, but it gives him some character. “Don’t mess with me, boy!”

One of my friends really loved the frog hat and seeing as how her birthday was coming up, I decided to make her a bear hat. She wanted it green, so I made her a green bear hat. Instead of double crochets, I used half-double crochets and I gave the hat some cute ear flaps.
When I gave it to her, her reaction was priceless. I can’t believe how happy it made me: being appreciated, being told that you had made her the best birthday present ever.


the green beanie bear hat birthday present

PS: I really need a better camera and should stop using my phone to take pictures 😀


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