From now on I’ll look back on every week and focus on the good stuff that happened, big and small. It’s so easy to forget about the good things that happened when I’m angry, sad, upset or simply stressed out. Things that went well, that actually felt good or made me smile get pushed away.I’m a brooder. I pick things apart. I constantly focus on the problems and how they should get fixed.
I hope that this tiny ‘resolution’ will help me to think about the happy things more often.

Right! I’ll try to post 4 things every week.
1) I cleaned up the computer room at work on Monday. Some old crappy (windows XP…) computers had stopped working, so I put them aside and checked all of the leftover computer stuff for broken parts and things that still worked. I cleared out 7 desks that way. Seeing the ‘broken: throw away’ pile and the ‘still working: keep this’ pile really made me feel good. Hearing my boss say: “You did well”, even more.

2) I got my exam results back on Thursday. Even though I had had 3 exams on one day and I combine studying with working fulltime, I passed every exam! (13/20, 14/20, 15/20, yay me!)

3) On Friday, I finished my frog hat for the work-party after the holidays. Still need to finish the fish hat for a colleague, but it’s coming along nicely. I’ll probably do a blogpost on them soon. One friend was really enthusiastic about the frog hat, so I’m making her a bear hat for her birthday this week. She wants it green and tells me it will be the best birthday present ever. Awww ^^. It’s nice being appreciated.

4) I got a hug at work from one of the boys. He wanted to thank me for everything I had done lately (listening and re-attaching the pompom on his hat). I had a bad day and he made me feel better instantly. Yes, even teachers and tutors deserve a hug every now and then! 😀

Right. Wow. That was surprisingly difficult. From now on, I’ll try to write them down during the week. I figure this will help me when I’m feeling down.

In the meantime: any ideas on how to call this weekly blogpost?


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