So I tutor kids in a boarding school. I also like knitting, crocheting and overall craftiness.
I found out that one of the cleaning ladies is a compulsive knitter. So, inevitably, one day the topic came up of having some kind of knitting evening activity with the kids.
I tentatively asked the kids (12 to 14 year-olds)  who’d like to join in on the kitting if we’d plan to have a knitting activity at some point in the future. I had 60 -sixty!- enthusiasts, most of them boys. Wow.
I was kind of overwhelmed, but I was really happy.

So we did it. We taught some 60 kids how to knit. Or at least: we tried to. Some kids got really frustrated, but kept on trying. Others quickly got the hang of it. One or two got angry with the needles, but even they managed some stitches. Some of them even helped others understand the basics.
It was really nice to see an entire room of teenagers just talking, laughing and knitting, even though my head felt like ten times its regular size after those evenings.
It was really rewarding to see their faces when they saw the finished product (a seal). Just for the heck of it, I’m going to post my favourite picture of the evening. This girl was one of the frustrated ones who actually threw her needles away at some point. But look at her now!
(And if you ever see this and don’t want it on here, I’ll happily take it off. It’s still a brilliant and spontaneous picture though and you should be proud of yourself!)Image

As for the basic pattern:
Cast on 20 stitches.
Knit until you have a square.
Fold the square into a triangle.
Sew the triangle shut, but stop sewing about one cm (or however long you want your flippers to be) away from the top corner: those will be the flippers. (see picture)

Using black wool, sew on eyes and a nose. Stuff your seal.
Sew the seal shut.

Hurrah! You’ve made a seal!


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