I’ve never written a tutorial before, so comments and pointers are most welcome.

Fleece is fairly easy to come by these days, especially this time of winter. Just go to your local one dollar/euro/whatever store and see if you find something you like. It’s especially nice since it doesn’t ravel and doesn’t need seams. You don’t have to own a knitting machine (I don’t) or be an expert seamstress (I’m not).
I bought myself 2 fluffly fleece blankets, one white, one brown. Make sure they’re both the same length: my white was at least 10cm longer than my brown. (weird!)
I wanted to make a blue fox at first, to match the orange coat, but chose a brown one instead. (only other choices: pure white, pink-white, black-white)

Anyway: I wanted a large scarf, something to snuggle away into, so I chose a 40 cm width. You can choose however long or wide you want to make yours.


I made a template for the head and made sure that the space next to the would-be head was large enough for paws. I didn’t measure anything out, I just drew and cut out the template. A fox has a long snout, and that is about everything you have to remember. Also mark the places where you want ears and eyes, makes it easier later on. Make sure that, if you mark things, that you mark them on the WRONG side of your fleece. Then cut out the head and paws.

Do the same thing for the tail and paws: make sure that the ‘leftover’ space next to the tail is wide enough to make the paws from. Same thing: mark on the WRONG side of the fleece. Cut out the tail and paws.


Do the same thing for the other colour blanket. Or, if you feel that your scarf is already warm enough, you can choose to only use one colour. Personally, I feel that Alphonse is a bit -too- ‘fat’, but I didn’t have a choice because I didn’t want to start seaming fleece by hand. Using the fluffy fleece gives you A LOT of fluff floating around the place. So I wanted to do something to those edges because I didn’t want itty bitty fleece fluff thingies on my clothes.

If you’re ready with both colour cutouts, you can start sewing them together WRONG SIDE OUT. I used a basic back stitch. A sewing machine would have been most welcome here, I can tell you that!
Make sure to add the decorations to the head before you close everything off, it’s easier.
I took a piece of felt that was left over from making Julius and used it as a nose and as extra detail on the paws. I also used it for the tip of his ears: 2 triangles sewn together, wrong side out, with the black tip on the inside.


Really, you can choose anything you want as decoration. I simply sewed on 2 black buttons for eyes and added a black-grey felt nose and ears.

Anyway, when you’re nearly finished, don’t forget to turn your fox RIGHT SIDE OUT!
You then finish up the scarf using a slip stitch.

You can add extra detail if you want, I added the white of his fox tail and the black on his paws.
I should have thought about this when I was first sewing him up but I didn’t, not until I started working on his ears… You can go either way.

Anyway, that wraps up my first tutorial. Yay!
Questions and comments are most welcome.

Me, wearing my new furry best friend, Alphonse

Me, wearing my new furry best friend, Alphonse


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