I love owls. I love the feeling they give me. It’s kind of hard to explain, but ever since I was a kid I liked watching them. In Belgium we have this kind of small national park called ” ‘t Zwin “. They also take care of owls there and whenever my parents took me there, I looked forward to meeting ‘my’ owls. I was really impressed by the eagle-owl, which, by the way, has a cooler name in Dutch: Oehoe (pronounced ooohwhooo). ^^
There he would be, that oooohwhooo, pretending to sleep, ignoring all those irritating humans, when suddenly something would be worthy of his attention and he’d flash those amazingly orange eyes of his.
I’d always try to meet his eyes, but then he’d always pretentiously look away. He fascinated me. All owls do.

So when the fashionistas decided that wearing owl jewellery and owl prints were suddenly all the rage, I didn’t really mind. 😀 I confess to having 5 pairs of owl earrings, one ring and a colourful scarf with cute little owls on it.
A week ago, I came across a kitschy owl brooch. It immediately reminded me of my ‘oooowhooo’ and I fell in love. It was a risky buy, but I decided it looked nice on my red-orangy coat.


This past week I’ve had 5 (! five !) compliments from people who don’t usually compliment me. I was really pleasantly surprised. I didn’t realise at first, but those compliments were just what I needed during this busy, hectic week. And all because of my kitschy owl brooch!

Thank you, buddy!

So: my plot to wear at least one thing that makes me happy, or reminds me of something happy is working! Great!


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