fa la la la laaaa, lala la la. 

I used to hate the holidays. Instead of the reddish green-golden cheer that was supposed to take over during this time of year, the holidays were filled with stress and family reunions with people who wanted to be elsewhere. The holidays were filled with ‘duties’ and became something to get through. I never enjoyed them.
So when I started working in a bakery seven years ago, I had to work on every major holiday, enabling me to get out of most forced family reunions. When I graduated and got a ‘real’ job, the renewed holiday stress wasn’t something I looked forward to.
Ever since I moved out, I did my best to make the holidays as stressless as possible. I focus on the positive stuff. The boyfriend is a great help, he makes me want to try harder. He helps me put things in perspective and look at myself and other things differently.

Also: ever since I started knitting, crocheting and overall crafting, the holidays gave me an excuse to amp up the crafting even more. Gifts, people, gifts!
I love gifts! I love making, giving and receiving them. I love the anticipation. Will they like it? I love the looks on their faces. They liked it!

I found out about felting old wool sweaters on Pinterest and seeing as how I LOVE owls, I decided to make myself a couple of sweet eco-friendly owls.
Half-way through making the first one, I decided to make one for my mother. I was simply in love with my first creation, Julius the owl (the right one).


When I showed the picture of Leontien and Julius the Owls to my Dad, I was planning to give the mother owl (left) to my Mum. He told me they were awesome, but that they belonged together. I shouldn’t separate them, he said.
Eventually I decided to give both of them to my Mum, as a christmas present. She was really, really happy. It had been ages since I had made her something nice. They were given a prize place in her house.

It felt so good .
Making something and then giving it to someone who you know will appreciate it, feels so good.
If you put a lot of effort into something really nice and then give it to someone who doesn’t appreciate it as they should and they kind of toss it aside… Well that makes you really question the relationship with that person. Like I said: putting things in perspective.

Even though this season has been jollier than previous years, it also has me thinking and rethinking some aspects of my life. So, yes, I’m finally having this reddish green-golden cheery mindset, but it also has this bittersweet tang.

But like I said: it’s the season to be jolly, to celebrate the things you have and to look back on a year that has been better than the previous ones, bittersweet tang and all.

and food! Tons and tons of food!


2 thoughts on “It’s the season to be jolly,

    • Thank you! They’re really easy, Just choose a front and a back shape and make two side panels to give the body a nice shape. Sew on anything you like… I’m thinking about making other animals too!

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